GUI to manage Software Restriction Policy (SRP) and harden Windows

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Download Hard_Configurator

Version for x64 or x86 systems with Windows Vista or higher.

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Verifying signatures

Before installing Hard_Configurator, you should always verify that your download matches the signature that is listed here.

for a x64 system (Version
  • MD5: ccea17e1a16dfcff401cf1125ab7a05e
  • SHA-1: 272a780fdf8ff555b0e73d7444eadb37c708817e
  • SHA-256: 796af765b4c27fa8e7724d34d4012f633965534d087bc275bb7b90c7e53d050e
for a x86 system (Version
  • MD5: e58e34f511696aa64f57e43ccb96ddc7
  • SHA-1: 2f11d0ddafe622d37976b51f570fbcedd301d690
  • SHA-256: caff460955d122d29f68a63112d3bf7698e535be052902dcca49be0b3def85dd

Standalone Hard_Configurator components

Some important H_C components can be used as standalone applications. Further information can be found in the GitHub repositories:

Those standalone applications may be useful for users who prefer default-allow setup.