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Version for x64 or x86 systems with Windows Vista or higher. Read more about 30 free spins no deposit.

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Verifying signatures

Before installing Hard_Configurator, you should always verify that your download matches the signature that is listed here.


  • MD5: bce659dbbdd9c2da93df81ebbb728f00
  • SHA-1: 2836d6d079cb04dbdce0f7c8f895b0afbc344856
  • SHA-256: 8a2d4841345e98e2bc80d1ef02cae5a29d4db8484d9808dde19aff72dc651ea8

Standalone Hard_Configurator components

Some important H_C components can be used as standalone applications. Further information can be found in the GitHub repositories:

Those standalone applications may be useful for users who prefer default-allow setup.